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Automatic Demurrage

Automated, tailored, and lightning-fast demurrage calculations

Start loving Demurrage Management! ⚓

In our experience most of today’s demurrage claim management is done navigating through a manual process consisting of printing out a statement of fact that is received from an agent or the vessel and transcribing them into an Excel sheet or similar.

After decoding the content at best will and ability, you run your calculations and end up with a claim for time on Demurrage or not.

You send the claim and details to the counterpart.

Then the mitigation starts. And finally, both agree upon the contents of the claim and the claim should be paid as agreed upon.

Imagine working with Demurrage Claim when you have the contract terms at hand and all the Demurrage triggering port stay events in one dashboard?

Using our Automatic Demurrage Calculator, you solve most of your demurrage pains and:

·         Saves approximately 5 hours in Demurrage claims handling per claim handling[i]

·         Overview of demurrage management.

·         Insight in demurrage claims handling.

·         Shorter lead time.

·         Data for reporting at your fingertips.

·         Move data into your data lakes.

·         All this just by using your data collected using our on-vessel app.

How many claims do you process yearly?

By becoming a The Ship Customer, we help you setting everything up #threeweeks. Since we are a software as a service company, nothing is installed on ship infrastructure besides our device agnostic on-vessel app.

Automated, tailored, and lightning-fast demurrage calculations. Seamlessly integrated with Dataloy, Veson IMOS or your VMS of choice. Our system ensures precision, eliminates manual tasks, and reveals industry best practices. Say farewell to demurrage headaches and hello to efficiency, quality, and oversight! #DemurrageSimplified


[i] Calculated and Estimated by looking at all fixtures and decide if this is a claim or not, the time spent before the SOF is at your hand, the time taken to transcribe the sof, overview of laytime data, finding back to fixture and rediscover claim history from correspondence and documentation. Lead time until claim is paid.

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