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Fredrik Lerøy

Founder & CEO

With an extensive background in IT and Software Development, he takes pride in delivering cutting edge solutions to our customers.

+47 950 35 232

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Rolf Nøstdahl

Nordic Sales Manager

Focused and hardworking with more than 35 years experience within Management, Sales Management and Sales

+47 928 22 012

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Ole Bergtun

Founder and Business Developer

I help businesses and organizations streamline their collaboration systems and integrations

+47 970 44 455

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Øystein Farsund

Business Development Manager

A dynamic force in sales leadership, sales and business strategy

+47 928 39 123

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Emil Pamer


Emil is a versatile professional with a Master's degree in Information Science and a Bachelor's degree in Cognitive Science from the University of Bergen.

+47 473 26 616

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