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Embark on the New Era of Port Operations: Seamlessly Integrated, Effortlessly Efficient!

Our Services

Unlock the power of our Ship MRV-module – your ultimate solution for effortlessly meeting MRV EU ETS requirements. Dive into a game-changing system that not only streamlines your reporting process but also opens the door to a multitude of benefits. Elevate your compliance experience with a solution designed to simplify, enhance, and empower your journey in meeting MRV EU ETS standards.

Experience a seamless and accessible registration process designed for all stakeholders using our on vessel app. Our user-friendly and customizable platform for SOF activities allows you to effortlessly capture all desired data, simplifying both administration and reporting. Revolutionize your on-vessel reporting with our device-agnostic app, making every step efficient, easy, and tailored to your specific needs. Elevate your operational experience – because simplicity shouldn't compromise sophistication.

The shift to digital Statement of fF (SoF) not only represents a move towards enhanced efficiency but also unlocks a realm of decision-making driven by data. This not only provides a competitive advantage in the ever-evolving maritime industry but also signifies a significant transformation in operational approaches.

Gain a comprehensive view of your fleet's current and past port operations with our advanced real-time tool. Easily communicate with vessels and access detailed information such as scheduled port calls, historical data, log reports, bunker delivery notes, consumption, MRV, EU-ETS, fixtures, and voyage communications. Elevate your operational efficiency and stay informed in the dynamic maritime industry.

Revolutionize your demurrage process with our cutting-edge service. Harnessing data seamlessly captured and verified through our on-vessel app, demurrage information is instantly accessible post-port calls. By employing automatic calculations powered by a comprehensive terms library, we not only accelerate claim generation for swift settlements but also eradicate errors, minimizing disputes. Transform your demurrage management into a seamless, efficient, and error-free experience with our innovative solution

Empower your data journey with seamless accessibility through our robust API. Everything on our side is API-driven, giving you the flexibility to integrate the data from our services seamlessly into any system of your choice. Break free from data silos and unlock the full potential of your information. Your data, your way – because innovation thrives on connectivity.

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

Whether you operate a cutting-edge Vessel Management System or a similar business-centric platform, we seamlessly integrate. Elevate your operations with custom message queues tailored for each customer, facilitating effortless collection and distribution to your in-house systems. Our pride lies in extensive integration expertise – there's no integration challenge too complex for us. Experience the power of connectivity, where your systems work in harmony for unparalleled efficiency.

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