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Seamless Integration: Your Maritime Operations with Ease

The Ship API integrates with Vessel Management Systems or Excel-driven workflows effortlessly.

With our Open API we integrate Vessel Management Systems or Excel-driven workflows effortlessly. From DTOs ensuring uniform interpretation to real-time insights via our on-vessel app and operations dashboard, experience a new era of maritime efficiency.

Unified Integration Hub

Unlock the power of unified data integration with our revolutionary product feature. Seamlessly connect your Vessel Management Systems, including popular platforms like Dataloy, Veson, ShipNet, and others, using our Open API. Enjoy a consolidated and standardized approach, ensuring that your ship reads the data uniformly, whether it's sourced from APIs, databases, messages, or files.

DTOs for Consistency and Security

Ensure a common language across diverse data sources. Our Data Transfer Objects (DTOs) guarantee that irrespective of the origin, your ship interprets the data uniformly. Say goodbye to compatibility concerns and embrace a secure and consistent integration framework.

Versatile Integration for All

For companies without a Vessel Management System, we've got you covered. Seamlessly integrate with a mix of contract systems, chartering systems, or master data systems, ensuring your entire operation functions seamlessly. Our solution is designed for versatility, offering integration possibilities tailored to your unique business needs.

Excel Integration Made Effortless

For Excel-driven companies, effortlessly extract and integrate data. Our Open API facilitates easy data extraction into Excel, ensuring compatibility and enhancing your data-driven workflows. Say farewell to manual data entry and welcome a new era of efficiency.

On-Vessel App and Real-Time Operations Dashboard Harmony

Experience the synergy of our on-vessel app and real-time operations dashboard. Regardless of your data source, our integration ensures that both tools work seamlessly, providing you with real-time insights and control over your maritime operations.

Key Benefits:
  • Efficiency Redefined: Streamline your operations with a unified integration hub, reducing data silos and optimizing workflows.

  • Consistent Interpretation: DTOs guarantee uniform interpretation of data, eliminating inconsistencies and ensuring accuracy.

  • Versatility: Adapt to your company's unique needs, integrating with various systems or catering to Excel-driven workflows effortlessly.

  • Real-Time Insights: Enjoy the harmony of our on-vessel app and operations dashboard, providing real-time visibility and control.

Your Maritime Future, Integrated

Step into the future of maritime operations with our seamless integration feature. Whether you're navigating complex Vessel Management Systems or embracing Excel-driven workflows, our solution ensures a unified, efficient, and secure integration experience.

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