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Digital Statement of Facts

Unlocking Seamless Operations with Our Digital Statement of Facts

Your Maritime Operations with Our Digital Statement of Facts


 Discover a seamless maritime experience where precision meets efficiency. Our Digital Statement of Facts (SoF), seamlessly integrating an on-vessel app and real-time operations dashboard, propels your journey from vessel to company, agent, and cargo owner into an era of unparalleled collaboration and transparency.

The Ship aspirations for statement of facts

Precise Documentation, Instantaneous Access: Eliminate manual record-keeping hassles with our Digital SoF. Enjoy timestamped entries for comprehensive vessel port stay records, granting instantaneous access without paperwork hurdles.

Effortless Collaboration: Foster clear communication effortlessly. Our SoF allows real-time contributions from all involved parties, streamlining collaboration and reducing the risk of misunderstandings.

Strategic Decision-Making: Leverage data insights with our Digital SoF. Analyze operational patterns, stakeholder performance, and potential bottlenecks over time, empowering informed decisions for future voyages.

Addressing Pain Points

Dispute Resolution Made Easy: Bid farewell to demurrage disputes. Our Digital SoF serves as a clear reference, minimizing ambiguity and ensuring alignment across all parties.

Accountability at Your Fingertips: Identify bottlenecks effortlessly. Our solution helps assign responsibility for delays, promoting accountability across the supply chain and streamlining operations.

Financial Clarity: Guard against undue costs. The precision of our Digital SoF directly impacts laytime calculations, ensuring accurate financial accountability for your peace of mind.

Embark on a Unified Journey

On-Vessel Simplicity: Imagine crew documentation without the paperwork hassle. Our user-friendly on-vessel app streamlines the process, documenting every detail from cargo operations to departure times.

Real-Time Visibility: Envision dynamic updates on the real-time operations dashboard as the on-vessel app captures crucial data. Connect the vessel, company, agent, and cargo owner seamlessly in a synchronized dance of operational precision.

Seamless Collaboration

Live Communication Channels: Picture effortless communication. The on-vessel app connects your crew with the real-time operations dashboard, enabling live updates and instant collaboration, ensuring everyone is on the same page.

Transparent Data Sharing: See information flow seamlessly between stakeholders. The Digital SoF ensures a single source of truth, eliminating manual scanning and email exchanges for transparent, real-time data accessible to all.

Efficiency Redefined

Strategic Decision-Making: Picture analyzing operational patterns effortlessly. The on-vessel app and operations dashboard combination provides insights for strategic decision-making, empowering confident navigation of future voyages.

Proactive Issue Resolution: Imagine disputes nipped in the bud. Detailed, timestamped entries in the Digital SoF act as a shield against ambiguity, promoting accountability and making dispute resolution a breeze.

Your Maritime Future Awaits

Step into a visionary maritime landscape where efficiency, collaboration, and transparency converge seamlessly. Our Digital Statement of Facts is your beacon of innovation, connecting every aspect of your maritime journey for a future of excellence.

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